We All Can

Think about the coolest show or skit or any performance you have done. For me it was HMS Pinafore. I don’t remember what really, really, really tiny part I had in it but I was about eight years old. It is still special to me because that is when I started to realize that I CAN do something. I was not convinced that I could and never really gave it any thought because it was what it was. I was always the fat kid that wore glasses that everyone picked on. I was bullied and pretended it did not bother me but it did. Somehow I ended up HMS Pinafore and it was the beginning of a beginning for me. As time has gone by I recognize that kid that I used to be when I see it in other kids and adults. I promised myself and The Father that I would try and help others know that they CAN do something more than what someone else says they can and should do. Help me do that by purchasing tickets to my shows and or donating here.

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