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Would you like your brand to say AS SEEN ON TV?
Would you like to tell people your brand is in the movies?
Payment plans are available.

  • Elsewhere it’s as little as $60K to $250K and into the millions for one brand to be in one film.
  • Here, it costs from $199 to $999 for your brand to be placed or embedded in my films.
  • I know what it is to build a business with little to no money. After all, I am now known for having created a multi-billion dollar film company while homeless. I have 25 prototypes that are being made into feature films and there is room for your brand to be featured in each one of them.
  • My team and I are accepting all types of brands. So, bring your cups, mugs, T-shirts, hats, clothing, wigs, jewelry, shoes, furniture, ornaments, wall hangings, you name it.
  • To further assist in the advertising of your brand, your logo will be placed on this website. I will also add your brand’s name to my films’ end-scroll credits.
  • Nowhere will you find this type of deal. Nowhere. I searched and was shocked to see it did not exist.
  • So, come advertise here to help us generate more revenue to expand our films, dress our sets and talent with your brand, and spread the gospel of your brand.

Typical pricing depends on the agency, but most are going to quote between $60k to $250k+ to get your product in a film. Some brand placement agents charge a flat fee of $20K to $40K to find product placement opportunities for your brand. The lowest flat fee I found was $6K and I just didn’t have it. Hear what I have to say now.

Here’s my stab at a corny AI version of myself, 😂. I’m working with what I’ve got and trying to give you something to laugh at along the way of getting your product placed in my films.

Once the film your brand has been placed in is completely through post-production, you will receive a notarized AS SEEN ON TV certificate. How cool is that???
Due to the steep discount being offered, deposits are non-refundable.





Once you have paid your advertising fee, upload your logo.

    Don't forget to upload your logo you want to be placed on this website AND in the film credits.

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