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A CDC Certified Covid-19 Compliance Officer for the entertainment industry, Dr. Adrienne Unae Dozier is a dynamic actress who sings and dances and motivates crowds to do more and be better. As a toddler, she lost her father to divorce, and shortly after that, her mother to medical malpractice. She has lived through many traumatic situations designed by the enemy to break an individual; long-term public school and Sunday School bullying, elementary school-aged inappropriate touch, college rape committed by the Minister of Music, chronic low-income single-parenting, dementia elder-caregiving, eldercare empty nest syndrome, a sociopathic narcissist in the guise of a loving suitor, work-place harassment, walking away from a narcissistic sociopath who ended up needing her to nurse him back to health (AIDS with a T-cell count of 8), running 1000+ miles away with only $500 and a 532 credit score once he became diagnosed as undetectable, only to run into more church and “friend” hurt. Vowing to not submit to compassion fatigue, give up on herself or her faith, Adrienne lived in her car in NYC. Next, she upgraded to an old van she renovated into a mobile home. Yes, Adrienne survived sleeping in the van during freezing temperatures. While sleeping on a real friend’s couch during five months of the pandemic, she completed a doctorate in Education with a Human Performance Improvement specialization. All of this remarkable opportunity-filled life lived, Adrienne is thought-provokingly funny and ready to share her story to benefit others’ personal development.

Education and Mission

Adrienne has two doctorate degrees: education and the other in ministry. She has two Masters degrees, one in ministry and the other in business development and management. She also holds a Bachelors degree in dance. With her multi-tiered skillset, Adrienne has historically used performing art to enhance social, life, impulse control, and anger management skills of “under-served” and “at-risk” youth/women in various parts of the world. Adrienne has committed to assisting with a vocational training center, an English and computer training center, and spearhead a disposable sanitary napkin project in East Africa (Kenya) villages. Simultaneously, she is excited to announce her socially-distanced immersive cabaret styled funny comedic whodunit will resume at the Broadway Comedy Club in New York City. The funny whodunit serves as the support for her Kenya mission work. Her mission/vision is “Keep in mind The One as The One makes up the whole.” Her first career was as a film, television, dance, and musical theater performing artist who created a 501©3 girls-based arts organization and dance ministry. Shortly after that, she completed seminary and continued in the arts helping churches and faith-based organizations employ Dance and theatre as ministries to reach both members and non-members. 

Business Acumen

A scripture-guided comedic performing and teaching artist who happens to be a business developer, her organizational strengths extend to strategic planning via appreciative inquiry, SWOT/SOAR analysis, content development, capital raise, action research, strategic implementation, and ROI analysis. Throughout her career, she has helped numerous financially challenged as well as multi-million-dollar startups and ramp-ups go-to-market. Her multi-tiered skillset has helped to stabilize and grow businesses, increase staff, and raise over $141,000,000.00. She has and continues to oversee monthly run rates above $684,000.00. She does this simultaneous to creating comedic and uplifting content.

The Total Skillset Works Together

Adrienne enjoys the rehearsal and presentation process of film, television, and musical theater. She also enjoys the development processes of business. Therefore, she uses her comedic timing and performing art to educate and improve lives to address social issues and norms that wreak havoc on community-at-large. So, whether it is via performing art or traditional business development, Adrienne desires to serve in today’s morally turbulent and spiritually defunct times, persons young and old as they face an unprecedented loss of optimism and challenges of depression, powerlessness, poor impulse control, low self-esteem, and the like. She believes that such negative behaviors lead to the strongholds of fear and that this fear is the root of anger and violence. She uses film, theatre, and dance as an anecdote, a balm, for the challenges mentioned above. Adrienne Unae has found arts through a spiritually based framework to positively affect our children/youth, families, and the community. She envisions film, episodic television, theatre and dance, to assist persons young and old and the mentally or physically imprisoned. The vision’s goal is to improve social and life skills that they overcome negative impulses such that they are better able to manage their anger and realize deliverance from the grips of fear. Adrienne is a member of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) and Actors Equity Association (AEA).

Stay safe everyone.

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