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I serve here in the United States a lot but find that my dollars can get more done overseas.
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Kisii and Kilgoris


Turkana History and Lifestyle

Turtkana District falls in Rift Valley Province and is situated in the Northwest part of Kenya. Its inhabitants are known as “Nsiturkana” or Turkana people. Ethnically Turkana people fall under the Nilotic speaking group and are categorized as plain Nilotes. They also fall in the class of communities in Kenya who have not been introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Turkana people believe in one supreme God as being the creator. Therefore, they say Him as being Holy should be faced directly but only through other modes like witchcraft, witch doctors, rainmakers and diviners. To the Turkana people respect is given according to the age, the older the person, the greater the respect is.

Turkana people depend on livestock and little farming is done in the district. This is due to lack of rain fall which leads to famine which leads to lack of food. The staple food is milk, meat and blood from animals. Common in their culture is the walking with small chair, one long stick and a round knife positioned on the right hand. This knife is for self defense purposes. The women build houses for the men. The men relate to the women as their property and greatly practice polygamy. This area borders Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Interesting Fact: Summer 2011 was the first time the Turkana people had ever seen loaved bread.
Turkana people: What is this?
Mission Ministers: It’s bread. Eat it.
Turkana people: How do you eat this bread? (They did not know it could be eaten as is.)

A small $182 bought enough food to feed the entire village. Only $182. Won’t you help me and the other dancers to help the people of Kenya. They don’t get the kind of relief Americans get. Relief comes to them there in Kenya only every three months. Imagine that. Let The Father use you by donating to this cause today.