Below are the short films from my self-imposed homemade film school. It is where I got my first batch of “bad” films done. I figured one has to get their first bad batch of films done so they can learn what to do and what not to do in the future. That said, here ya’ go!!! I produced 13 in six months, mostly with my own money! The films came out pretty good for a rookie who only had an average of $716.98 per film. I’m happy. Why? I am happy and know my Season 2 will be better because during Adrienne Unae Season 1 I learned the following:
1) Who learns lines, is timely, and easy to work with.
2) Who respects my abhorrence of shadows and knows lighting.
3) Who knows their camera equipment well enough to avoid lag and blur as well as
4) How when the camera operator is a no-show or late, to shoot my own shyt with my trusty 12.9 iPad Pro.

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