Pitch Deck

50% has been raised, so far.

What the Documentary is About
(the logline)

Against the backdrop of a world scarred by male-driven chaos, Adrienne embarks
on a journey to confront societal ills and harness the strength of divine
feminine energy and empathy, to heal others.

On 8/26, we interviewed 13 individuals, including myself, in New York City.
On 9/24, we interviewed three individuals, in NJ.
In October, we interview the next eight, in NC.
In November, we interview the final seven, in FL.

Behind the Scenes Footage

Below are Links to Some of the 25 Projects

These were filmed during the pandemic, on a skinny shoestring budget; $100 here, $200 there, a donation ever so often, while I was homeless. Total spent for all 25 was less than $11K.

Season One

Season Two

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