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Submission form is forthcoming on this page.

UNION, NON-UNION & FI-CORE: We are not your typical membership company. We have created a new version of the Pay-to-Play model that is salary based. Adrienne Unae is looking for three 21+ female actors and four 21+ male actors. All actors should be SDA (singer, dancer/mover, actor) triple threats and have strong resumes/media to back up their SDA claim. Good comedic timing is a plus. Upcoming projects include that of episodics, shorts, feature films, live theater, and possibly small musicals. We look forward to meeting your submission and then Facebook Messenger. If selected for our short list from which we will cast from, we will ask you for your Messenger username/link.Those who are shortlisted will be auditioned live via Messenger. All auditions, rehearsals, and performance will be held remotely. Once the current shelter-in-place mandate ends we will rehearse, perform, and film on location. Can you believe this is what it has come to? LOL. Being creatives, we all adapt easily, yes? So check this out.

Company Member benefits include:

  1. guaranteed placement in projects
  2. ownership and creative control of their original work
  3. waivers should actors want to join SAG-AFTRA
  4. rehearsal pay
  5. performance pay
  6. medical and dental benefits
  7. life insurance policy
  8. emergency fund
  9. company members who assist with fundraising have no obligations to the funds raised and will receive
      1. 2.5% return of funds raised in the round they assist with
      2. .010% of monthly revenue paid as a monthly salary
  10. free use of
    1. computer lab
    2. rehearsal space
    3. recording booths

Company Member requirements include:

  1. utmost professionalism
  2. leverage of social and outside organization memberships to propel our projects
  3. instead of members paying a monthly or annual payment to the production company, we are looking for members who are willing and able to assist with quarterly fundraising

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