July 19-21  Immersive Theatre Workshop in Atlanta, GA



T.I.E. is an experience. With a 24-hour theatre workshop as its core, T.I.E’s participants are: introduced to aesthetics of Immersive Theatre, as inspired by the award-winning work Information for/from Outsiders: Chronicles from Kashmir; guided through a practical exploration of these strategies; mentored in the creation of their own, social-justice focused, Immersive Theatre performance; shepherded through processes that develop their skills as actors, designers, directors and writers; supported in their quests to apply ideas from T.I.E. to social justice issues that challenge particular communities and contexts.

The fee includes:

  • attendance at four events: pre-workshop (Friday evening) funny whodunit, the 24-hour workshop (Saturday morning to Sunday morning), post-workshop (Sunday morning)
  • a resource pack which includes extracts from Dr. Dinesh and Ms. Unae’s writing
  • a certificate from the T.I.E. program