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The Funny Whodunit

Pick a Day

Just as things start getting a little weird, become the eaves dropping visitors of Mrs. Crimson. Folks and things come up missing and it is up to you and the Nun to defend yourselves while other visitors set up alibis and cover their tracks.  All you want is to be told you are free to go so you can leave the guilty party behind. Just because you may get out doesn’t necessarily mean you’re innocent. Hmmm. Could an unsuspecting visitor be the saboteur? Or is it the church mouse? Could you help solve the heinous crime(s)? Will the entire evening be a mystery? With this hilarious one woman show, mayhem is the appetizer, madness the main course and critical thinking is served up a la carte! Ticket sales support Adrienne Unae’s NYC, Ft. Lauderdale, and Kenya missions. BTW, the ticket price is too low to be refundable. LOL