Adrienne Unae: an anomaly, not a respecter of persons.

Her first career was that of a film, television, dance, and musical theater performing artist who created a 501©3 girls based arts organization and dance ministry. Simultaneous to that she completed seminary and continued in the arts helping churches and faith based organizations employ dance and theatre, as ministries, to reach both members and non-members. In 2008, Adrienne Unae was given $3,000,000.00 to create a business for an ex-banker. That business would serve as a disruption to the long-term system that resulted in one of the nation’s most recent financial dilemmas. While maintaining artistic activity, she served as the business development and human capital development officer for the million-dollar startup. In that dual role her wingspan was organizational-wide and helped grow the company from three to 27 staff as well as to raise a little over $30,000,000.00 and oversee a monthly run rate of $684,000.00. In total and during her performing arts and business development career, she has assisted in capital raises that total around $130,000,000.00.

Having left the business development arena and returning full-time to the arts, Adrienne enjoys the rehearsal and presentation process of film, television and musical theater.  Her goal is to use the performing arts to improve lives to address social issues and norms that wreak havoc on community-at-large. Adrienne Unae, a model, actor, singer, dancer, and actor has historically used theatre and dance to foster enhancement of social, life, impulse control and anger management skills to “under-served” and “at risk” youth and women in various parts of the world. While Adrienne Unae has committed to assist with a vocational training center, an English and computer training center as well as spearhead the disposable sanitary napkin project in East Africa (Kenya) villages, she is excited to announce her immersive cabaret styled comedic funny whodunit that plays at various locations in NYC and South Florida. The funny whodunit serves as the capital raise for her Kenya mission work as well as her girls’ cotillion. Her personal mission/vision is “Keep in mind The One as the one makes up the whole.”

Persons interested in volunteering should email her.

On and off stage, Adrienne Unae desires to serve, in today’s morally turbulent and spiritually defunct times, persons young and old as they face unprecedented loss of optimism and challenges of depression, powerlessness, poor impulse control, low self esteem and the like. She believes that such negative behaviors lead to the strongholds of fear and that this fear is the root of anger and violence. She uses theatre and dance as an anecdote, a balm, for the above mentioned challenges. Adrienne Unae has found arts through spiritually based framework to have positive effect on our children/youth, their families and the community. As such, she envisions, through the theatre and dance, to assist persons young and old, mentally or physically imprisoned, to improve their social/life skills that they overcome poor impulses such that they are better able to manage their anger, thus be delivered from the grips of fear.